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Foxtail Millet Adai


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Instructions for use:

  • Add one cup of water to one cup of powder.
  • Add salt as needed to suit your taste.
  • Mix it thoroughly.
  • Let it soak for minimum of 30 minutes. The batter is now ready for use.
  • Enhance the flavor by adding chopped Onions or Drumstick leaves or Vazhaipoo (Banana flower) and Curry leaves to the batter and mix it well
  • Heat a pan (approx. 375° F) for a few minutes.
  • Sprinkle a little bit of oil before making the first Adai/Chilla.
  • Spread the batter in spiral fashion on the pan.
  • Sprinkle oil (1 teaspoon or as needed).
  • Cook until the Adai turns golden brown and flip as needed.
  • Serve it with Sambar, Chutney, Idli podi with Ghee or Oil, small cube of Butter with Jaggery, Vegetable curry, Avial, etc.

Ingredients: Foxtail Millet, Toor Dal, Gram Dal, Urad Dal, Red Chilly, Rock Salt.

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